How Deadpool Became Worthy Of Lifting Thor’s Hammer

Deadpool is capable of lifting Mjolnir because…
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Deadpool has done a lot of crazy stuff over the years. He has time traveled, joined the X-Men, and even somehow managed to kill the entire Marvel universe. Twice. Why? Probably best to not question this complete lunatic. Since ya know, he’s kinda cuckoo for coco-puffs.

But amongst all that zany-ness, he has also managed quite a few feats that even some of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe haven’t been able to do. Case in point, the time when he managed to lift Mjolnir, and became a Thor-ified version of himself. Thorpool? DeadThor? There is something there.

But how did this come to be? How the heck is this guy worthy of the hammer? Well luckily I am here to break down the story, and maybe even look at how we could see something like this happen, in a future flick.

Should I put up a spoiler warning for a roughly 20 year old comic issue? Probably not necessary, but I’m gonna throw this up there anyways. Cuz why not…

Let’s dive right into it.

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