Hollywood Wants To Bring Actors Back From The Dead

Hollywood Draws No Lines To Cast The Perfect Actor
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It’s hard enough for living actors to book roles and get a career for themselves going in Hollywood. Now it seems like they might have to compete with movie legends that are no longer with us. What?

After a few instances of deceased actors appearing in films after their passing, like Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin and Paul Walker in Furious 7– this concept has just now been taken to a whole new level. It was announced that James Dean had been cast in an upcoming movie called Finding Jack. Yes, THAT James Dean. And no, he’s not “playing himself” or reprising a character he’s already played — the studio straight up wants to recreate him digitally and have him play a role in the movie. What is going on?

In this video we’re going to break this case down a little bit and explore how insane of an idea it is, and where it could lead us down the line!

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