The Mandalorian Chapter 4: Everything You Missed

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The fourth chapter of The Mandalorian is finally upon us, and it is definitely one of the best episodes yet! Not only does it give us a lot more of The Mandalorian’s backstory and a handful of new characters to get excited about, there were also a ton of awesome easter eggs hidden throughout that are enough to make any Star Wars fan jump for joy.

Be careful if you haven’t seen the episode yet, however, because there are a ton of spoilers ahead. We definitely suggest checking it out in all of its glory before continuing on here.

Now that we’ve got that bit of business out of the way, here is just a taste of all the easter eggs that you can expect in the video below!

For starters, in the very first moments of the episode we see a bunch of shrimp-looking fish swimming under the water before being fished out by a happy group of fishermen. Those fish aren’t random, they are actually Krill, and while this is their first appearance on screen, they have come up before in the Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia. In fact, it’s not the only pop-up in this episode that we’ve never before seen on screen, there’s also a Loth Cat to watch out for! From The Klatoonians, to the reappearance of an AT S0T, to a secret that Omera might be hiding, and everything in between, this episode has it all. Check out the video below for all of the best easter eggs in The Mandalorian, Chapter 4!

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