Frozen 2 Ruined Connection Theories To Other Disney Movies

The Disney Universe Theory Has Officially Been Ruined
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Six years since the release of Frozen we’ve been building a checklist of questions and theories. And Frozen 2 answered them all. Where did Elsa’s powers come from? Did their parents really parish in the huge storm? Is another Disney character really their brother?!

It’s OK to admit it now — we were all a little too obsessed with the first Frozen. When we weren’t belting out “Let It Go”, asking random people if they wanted to build a snowman, or looking back at signs of Hans’ deception, we were digging deep into every frame — and some pretty convincing theories came out of it all. Let’s start with the whole secret little brother thing. So, the theory states that Anna and Elsa’s mom was carrying a third child — and what do you do when you get pregnant? Hop aboard a ship and take a journey across rough waters. Yeah, we can only imagine the combination of fresh crabmeat, sea sickness, and morning sickness all combined for a pretty messy shipdeck. Buttt — their ship never made it to any part of Africa. There were many other connections and by watching we’ll explain exactly how water memories come into play here!

Well, we may not like the answers we got — because the movie pretty much DEBUNKS every single Frozen theory connecting the franchise to other Disney universes. So let’s dive into the unknown and uncover all these big reveals. Join us at Screenrant as we break down each scene, showcase ALL of the evidence, and teach you all exactly how Frozen stands out from the rest of the pack!

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