Evil Morty Will Be The Hero of Rick And Morty Season 4

Evil Morty Is About To Make His Return To Season 4
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Rick & Morty is coming back for another season, and audiences are already speculating about what this new instalment might entail. One popular theory is that the antagonist character Evil Morty from the previous season will play a larger role than you may think. Of course, this is a complicated show, and it takes someone with an extremely high IQ to understand it properly. In short, there are alternate reality versions of Rick as well as alternate reality versions of Morty. One of which happens to be Evil Morty, but his origins and background are still mostly unknown.

In this video, we’ll explore the Evil Morty character, and speculate about how he might factor into the story moving forward. We’ll also theorize where the character came from, why he’s evil, and what his correlation might be to the main reality of the show. There may be some interesting links that you didn’t even see coming!

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