Marvel Theory: There Will Be 4 New Avengers Teams By Phase 5

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Avengers Endgame shook up the Marvel Cinematic Universe by changing the line up of the current Avengers team forever. Steve Rogers grew old while Black Widow and Iron Man didn’t get to see the end of the movie. Now, with Phase 4 on the horizon and 5 surely follow afterwards, fans are looking forward to what may come. And with the help of Disney+, we may get some interesting developments.

One such idea is that there may be multiple Avenger teams by the time Phase 5 has started. At this point in time, there is no Avengers movie slated for Phase 4. But through Phase 4, there are some interesting developments. One of them is a slew of Disney+ originals, including Moon Knight and WandaVision. Many of these characters fit nicely with the idea of a West Coast Avengers ensemble.

Likewise, a certain character who was present at Tony’s funeral takes up the mantle of Iron Lad in the comics. Could Young Avengers be on the horizon? Kate Bishop is going to be part of the Hawkeye show. There is also word that Marvel has toyed with the idea of a Dark Avengers movie, which will see the villains become the heroes. Characters from the Black Widow and the Disney+ shows will be perfect for these roles, alongside Norman Osborn.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With the Fox Merger, Marvel can now use Fantastic Four and X-Men. Could Illiuminty be on the way? How will the New Avengers look with the likes of Black Knight and Richard Reed on board? Times are changing and it’s going to very interesting in the future.

Script by Sean Gallagher

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