Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Ending Explained

The mid- and post-credits scenes of Spider-Man: Far From Home could send shockwaves throughout the entire MCU! Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

Welcome back to ScreenRant — quick warning! Since we’re talking about the end credits here — there will be some major spoilers ahead!

After Avengers: Endgame left us dry and craving an epic post-credits scenes, Spider-Man: Far From Home really delivered the goods with the traditional MCU mid-credits and post-credits scene. While we’re still gathering our jaws off the floor, we may have seen some of the greatest post-credit scenes in Marvel history.

In just a couple of minutes of film, the mid and post-credits scenes in Spider-Man: Far From Home managed to leave us in awe, provide clues for the future, and set up multiple movies in the process. So much was packed into each scene — so let’s just jump right in with the mid-credits scene first. You know — the one that caused you to drop your popcorn — if you actually had any left.

After a thrilling flight through the city, Peter drops MJ off on the street, only to have their moment disrupted with a breaking news segment. Thanks to manipulated footage from Mysterio, Spider-Man is made out to look like a villain and on top of that — Spidey’s secret identity is outed to the masses. On top of all this information, Parker delivers the same great “What the…” line his Aunt May did back in Homecoming. Of course, this one and the implications are on a much bigger scale.

But what does it all mean?! What films have been set up for Phase Four?! And could there really be a multiverse? Let’s swing right in and break everything down from what we just learned in Spider-Man: Far From Home!

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