20 Horror Movie Secrets Hidden In Gravity Falls

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When it comes to Disney Channel cartoons, nothing gets much more darker than Gravity Falls. The show is set in a town filled with mysterious monsters, horrifying creatures, and plenty of scares. Naturally, show creator Alex Hirsch has tapped into the vast world of horror movies for a lot of inspiration.

Let’s check out some the obvious references and deep cuts to classic horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and several others! The very first episode featured a horror reference right away! The Gill Man was the main monster seen in the Creature From the Black Lagoon series which featured three movies in total from 1954 to 1956. For a more modern-day reference, you can spot a Gill-Man inspired creature in the 2017 film “The Shape of Water”. This is the closest thing to a remake we’ve ever gotten of the classic films because they’ve either all been cancelled or stuck in development without any real progress. And while many younger viewers may associate the invisible man with the Hotel Transylvania series, the character itself dates all the way back to the classic Universal Monster movies. The original Invisible Man was released in 1933 with four direct sequels getting released throughout the 1940s. Spin-offs and inspired movies have followed with Kevin Bacon’s Hollow Man being one of the more prominent releases in the year 2000.

Watch to see all of these great horror movie references and several others including films like Jaws and Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

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