10 Spider-Man: Far From Home Theories That Were Totally Wrong

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Spider-Man: Far From Home has just swung into theatres and it’s a really great time, full of great character beats and amazing set pieces. It also finally put to rest some of the theories the internet had about the movie and trust us when we say, there were a lot of them concerning the internet, some of them quite crazy. Naturally, there will be spoilers in this video so you have been warned! Some of these wide-spread theories included a theory that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is actually the MCU’s version of Uncle Ben. Another family theory was that MJ is actually the daughter of Nick Fury. People really try to connect everything!

There was also word that the film would bridge the MCU and the Sony Spider-Verse by including Tom Hardy’s Venom in the movie. There was also hopes that Miles Morales would show up after being teased in Spider-Man: Homecoming. There was also hopes that there would be some information on Peter’s parents, specifically, if they were SHIELD agents-which would explain the sudden inclusion of Nick Fury to the plot.
There were a lot of theories surrounding Mysterio as well, including whether or not he came from another dimension, if those Elementals were also part of a multiverse or whether Mysterio is a sorcerer much like Dr. Strange, just from a different reality. Finally, fans were theorizing and hoping that there’d be a Sinister Six set up in the after credit scene that would reintroduce Vulture and Scorpion while also giving us the MCU’s Norman Osborn.

Script by Sean Gallagher

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