20 Dark Gravity Falls Secrets Disney Tried To Hide

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2012 was the year we were given the show Gravity Falls and in our opinion since then the world has been a better place because of it. Created by Alex Hirsch and produced by Disney Television Animation, the series took us on a journey exploring a strange town alongside twin siblings Mabel and Dipper Pines. The show explores the paranormal, the supernatural and is chock full of mysteries to be uncovered– both for the characters and for the audience. One of the greatest elements of Gravity Falls is that it encourages viewers to question all the strange goings-on in this seemingly quaint town. The creators of the show leave little clues scattered throughout episodes for us to connect the dots. Today we will be looking at twenty dark secrets within and related to the show. We will uncover the cryptograms hidden throughout the show and decode hidden messages viewers became obsessed with every single week. In addition, we will discuss connected shows like Twin Peaks and Ricky and Morty and explain the connections. On top of that, we will show you how characters like Blendin Blandin, Agent Power and Agent Trigger are featured in the background of scenes. After a lot of research and digging, we discovered what scenes were censored, what actors were recast for the roles, and what dark secrets are hidden in plain sight that you might have missed. Join us as we dive head first into the wonderful world of Gravity Falls and uncover what was meant to be hidden.

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