25 Most Powerful Godzilla Monsters

Here are 25 of the most powerful monsters in the Godzilla franchise.
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With the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we thought we’d investigate if our favourite giant mutant lizard is worthy of that title. With 30+ films in the Godzilla canon, it’s a fair question. The Godzilla franchise now spans more than 50 years, and with at least one giant-sized foe per film, Gojira has racked up a more than impressive rogues’ gallery.

With his new film set to be an all star monster bash, we thought we’d take a look back at 25 of Godzilla’s most memorable monsters, several of whom are set to crash their way into theaters this weekend.

Down below is our non-spoiler (ish) list of what we think are some of the strongest Kaiju to ever make it on the big screen!

A cheap American knock-off of a superior Japanese product.
A miniature offspring of questionable cuteness.
A strange looking superhero who could have jumped over from Power Rangers.
Some scary foes from an underrated reboot.
A super-mech designed to kill Godzilla.
A creepy, powerful clone from outer space.
An ancient monster counterpart to a longtime, moth-like foe.
A giant dragonfly-like creature from another dimension.
A goofy, long-necked creature from beyond the deep.
An evolving kaiju that delivers a sobering environmental message.
A hulking, jacked version of Godzilla.
A bizarre animal with prominent mammal influences.
A gigantic, tremendously powerful dragon.
A terrifying flower-crocodile hybrid.
A classic, stegosaurus looking reptile.
A giant spider to rival anything in Lord of the Rings.
A weirdo insect with a killer handshake.
A prickly looking dino with many different incarnations over the years.

All these and so many more in the full video!

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