BEST OF | Kehlani ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Nights Like This | COVER CONTEST COMPILATION

CONGRATULATIONS to Ni/Co for being selected as the winner of the Kehlani “Nights Like This” Cover Contest!! They will be receiving the $1000 gift certificate from Sam Ash for music equipment :)) Thanks to everyone that entered as well!! All the artist covers were great and it was a difficult decision. We hope you enjoy our compilation of the best entries, including international entries which were not eligible for the grand prize. Full version links are listed below. Congrats if you made the list!! We have a new contest running here:

Let us know in the comment section who your favorite was!

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Artists in order of appearance:

Danny Polo

Shenna // FongBeats (.20)

Velasco Vocals (.33)

Emerald B (.46)

Kayla Ember (1.00)

Axla (1.15)

Ara Official (1.36)

Paul Garcia (1.58)

Angelina Alexon (2.18)

Ni/Co (2:31)

Alus (2.44)

Mariah Counts (3.00)

Riley Camryn (3.14)

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