25 Dragon Ball Deleted Scenes That Could Have Changed Everything

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When it comes to the Dragon Ball franchise there is no shortage of lore or characters. It can get a little bit confusing for even the most ardent of fans and it seems like even series creator Akira Toriyama has trouble keeping up with it all. We’re going to be talking about some of the craziest things that never happened in the history of the Dragon Ball universe. Everyone knows Goku reluctant marries Chi-Chi, but Toriyama’s editor once hoped he would set Goku up with another more popular character. The Saiyan history is more than a bit confusing and has been changed so many times we aren’t even sure we know the whole story yet.

We’ll also talk about some plotlines and characters which seemed like they were being set up and then never amounted to anything. Who doesn’t remember Launch, who was a big part of Dragon Ball and then just disappeared forever? And whatever happened to the revenge the Crane Hermit and Tao Pai-pai swore to get on Tien Shinhan? And speaking of abandoning your goals, remember when Vegeta was determined to collect all of the Dragon Balls and become immortal?

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