Incredible Hulk: Marvel vs Edward Norton

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Here’s Edward Norton in his latest production — breaking away from the script, breaking down on the stage, and insulting everyone around him. What we’re watching is not documentary footage — it’s a scene from Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Edward Norton is deep into his role as Mike Shiner, a stage actor. The scenes may be fictional — but does the script and character draw from real-life experiences? Well, some people from the Incredible Hulk production may think so. A whirlwind of rumors, stories, and angles from both sides tells the dramatic tale of Edward Norton’s one and done role as Bruce Banner in the MCU. But what exactly happened and why was the behind the scenes drama in the battle between Norton and Marvel even more intriguing than the Hulk versus the Abomination!? Learn the true story — hear both sides, learn about Norton’s movie production history, and see how not only is the MCU ten years strong, but so is the feud that never seems to die down.

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