Family Guy: The Twisted Evolution Of Peter Griffin

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Now it’s in 17th season, Family Guy has certainly gone through many ups and downs. Cancellations. Time shifts. Dead dogs. And then there’s the leader of the pack: Peter Griffin. The Rhode Island resident may live in the smallest state, but he has had some of the biggest adventures in all of animation. Journey with us through his bizarre evolution — from an unaired pilot all the way to some roles he’s taken on, including Marvel’s Deadpool!

As Seth MacFarlane developed the animated series for FOX, he needed to present some type of pilot for the network. The unaired segment featured some key differences in the design of Peter. His sideburns were slightly longer and the frame on his glasses was much thicker than they appear to be.

A lot of the episode content ended up getting used on the official first episode of the show, but Peter definitely cleaned up a lot for his debut appearance.

This is the evolution of Peter Griffin on Family Guy.

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