How Game of Thrones Actors Got Ripped For Their Roles

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Game of Thrones season 8 is here! We’re almost at the end and we don’t want the show to end. But while the show is coming to an end, there is something we can take home with us and that’s the workouts that some of the actors undertook during the production of the show. Each actor highlighted here has a different kind of workout, ranging from the intense and heavy lifting that the Mountain does in his homeland of Iceland to the endurance inspired workouts of Jason Momoa, allowing him plenty of room to have a Guinness post-workout. Like Momoa, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau prefers to workout in the great outdoors than running on a treadmill. Emilia Clarke ensures her diet is fun and a bit more relaxed while focusing on mobile workouts while Nathalie Emmanuel was recently given her certification as a yoga instructor! Tom Hopper was only on set of Game of Thrones for a few episodes, but you may recognize him more from The Umbrella Academy as Number One or from Black Sails as Billy Bones, a role that showed off his arms in basically every scene. His workouts are really short, but the results speak for themselves. Kit Harrington is still Jon Snow to us and he’s packed on the muscle over the years, despite being covered in cloaks and armour most of the time. For all these characters though, diet is King and we explore this important aspect as well! Be prepared to see a lot of chicken and veg!

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