25 Futurama Deleted Scenes That Were Too Much For TV

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Futurama is, undisputedly, one of the best cartoons ever made. The show about the crew of the Planet Express ship and their wacky space adventures was priceless from the first episode to the last. But even the best shows cut tons and tons of material from the final version of the episodes that air on TV, sometimes because it doesn’t add to the story, and sometimes because these scenes are just too much for TV. Like the scene that was cut during Fry, Leela, and Bender’s escape from Robot Hell, or the one where Farnsworth explains that whales developed a taste for human flesh after they stopped being hunted, or the scene where Bender comes face to face with El Chupa Nibre in the sewers screams so loud that The Professor, who is having a bath above ground, can hear it. How about the scene where, when asked why he likes human adult movies, Bender replies that that it’s not the people, but the perverseness he enjoys. There was a scene cut where Leela almost marries a fellow cyclops to keep her species going, but at their wedding he walks in on her in her wedding dress and then comments on how attractive her friend Amy is. In the episode where the gang surprise Farnsworth with a 150th birthday party, a scene was cut where they have trouble parking the ship at Mars University, and crush an unsuspecting car. All of these scenes and so many more prove that Futurama is still one of the best shows in the entire universe!

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